Stanislav Vadrna

Nikka Whisky Ambassador

With a strong focus on Japanese bartending, introduced to him by Kazuo Uyeda, Stanislav Vadrna is the man who connected east and west. Always seeking to go beyond simply reproducing the techniques and skills of Japan’s leading bartenders, he tries instead to truly understand the philosophy behind perfect service.

Born and raised in Slovakia, Stanislav’s bartending career has taken him around the world. Today, he continues to redefine the standards of hospitality through his Analog Bartending Institute and as Nikka Whisky ambassador with the Nikka Perfect Serve bartending competition.

Ichi-go Ichi-e

“One chance, one encounter”. Stanislav Vadrna first introduced the Japanese Ichi-go Ichi-e philosophy to western bartenders in 2006. “It is the kind of hospitality we strive to achieve. Like the host in a Japanese tea ceremony, we cherish and appreciate the opportunity our guests give us and the time we have to serve them. Because every meeting is unique and may never be repeated, it is our goal to see to it that every drinking expierence HERE and NOW be the best”.

As an extension of this philosophy, the Omakase theme takes the Nikka Perfect Serve a step further, by delivering not only impeccable service, but also encouraging bartenders to read the context and adapt their drinks for individual guests, because each encounter is unique!

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