Nikka All Malt

Nikka All Malt

The All Malt is the result of a blend of Yoichi and Miyagikyo pot still single malts, along with an original Coffey malt whisky. Although made from 100% malted barley, a portion of this malt is distilled in “Coffey” type column stills normally used for grain whisky production. As such, the All Malt is categorized as a blended whisky.

Technical information:
Alc. — 40%
Vol. — 70cl
Category — Blended Whisky
Distilleries — Miyagikyo & Yoichi


burnished gold with bright hue


lively, mineral. Animal (leather, smoked meat) and slightly smoky (tobacco, ashes), it evolves towards fresh grass and ripe fruit (apple) aromas.


unctuous, charming. At first, the soft texture contrasts with the liveliness of the nose. It then develops ripe fruit notes (white grapes) and an increasingly oily texture.


suave with hints of liquorice, precious oak and spice (cloves) aromas. Concentrated, the finish opens up on exotic fruit (coconut milk) and floral (honeysuckle) notes.

Recommended Serves

Straight, on the rocks, or highball/mizuwari.

Food Pairings

Light meat dishes.