Nikka Coffey Grain 1995 Single Cask

Nikka Coffey Grain 1995 Single Cask

La Maison du Whisky, also known as LMDW, is a family-run whisky specialist based in Paris. The current president, Thierry Benitah, joined his father’s company in February 1995, the same year and month that this series of Coffey Grain whiskies were distilled by Nikka.
An essential component of Nikka Whisky’s blends, the Coffey Grain is a single grain whisky, distilled mainly from corn in a Coffey still located at the Miyagikyo distillery.

Cask Numbers:
111921 – 63 bottles
112051 – 84 bottles
112093 – 95 bottles
131524 – 93 bottles

Technical information:
Alc. — 112051 & 111921 – 64% / 112093 & 131524 – 63%
Vol. — 70cl
Category — Single Grain Whisky
Distilleries — Nishinomiya


intense burnished gold.


fine, distinguished. Demonstrating remarkable power, it starts off spicy (mustard seeds, white pepper), fruit (apricot, nectarine) and slightly camphoric. On aeration, the corn and malted barley compete in intensity. It gradually becomes creamy, vanilla-scented and roasted (coffee, tobacco). Then new, more exotic fruit (mango, guava) and dark chocolate transcend the aromatic palette.


taut, forthright. The finesse of its slightly charred vanilla-woodiness highlights a parade of dried fruit and nuts (almond, walnut, pistachio, apricot, etc.) The mid-palate is liquoricey, chocolatey and spicy (cardamom, nutmeg, ginger). Little by little, a concentrate of iris and a frangrance of carnations bring a heady finish to the palate.


long, firm. Candied lemon, dried figs and toasted nuts are gradually coated with a thin layer of green liquorice and vanilla. The smoothness of the corn gains the upper hand over the bitter-sweetness of the barley. The retro-nasal olfaction is balsamic, characterized by notes of thyme, sage, fresh coriander and thuja. The empty glass highlights the finesse of the grain in the aromatic and flavour palette.

Recommended Serves

Straight or with a dash of water.

Food Pairings

Chocolate or fruit desserts