Nikka The Grain

Nikka The Grain

Nikka The Grain is composed of old Coffey grains (corn and malted barley) and Coffey malts (100% malted barley) from the now closed Nishinomiya distillery, as well as Coffey grains and Coffey malts from Miyagikyo. The finishing touches are added by Barley Grain (malted and unmalted barley) and Barley Grain and Corn & Rye (malted barley, corn, rye), all distilled in pot stills at the Moji and Satsumatsukasa distilleries, which originally specialized in Shochu production. Each spirit was carefully selected from these four sites. Bottled at 48% ABV, Nikka The Grain reveals a creamy texture and complex palette of complementary aromas.

Technical information:
Alc. — 48%
Vol. — 70cl
Category — Blended Whisky
Distilleries — Nishinomiya, Miyagikyo, Moji, Satsumatsukasa


Deep gold.


Fresh, complex. On the first nose, beeswax smoothly interlaces with aromatic plants (verbena, camomile) and fresh fruits (pineapple, Mirabelle plum). The nose then opens up into a vanilla, delicately roasted and more heady grain register.


Rich yet slender. The creamy (almond milk and coconut) and vanilla attack is also full of energy. The slender mid-palate is delicately liquoricey. The end of the palate is then softly spiced (cinnamon, ginger).


Well-balanced, creamy. Inseparable from the end of the palate, the start of the finish returns in force to the notes of grains and aromatic plants found on the first nose. The delicious after-taste wavers between mint, acacia honey and heady floral flavours (broom, mimosa).


Neat or on the rocks.